Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Interactive charts in online presentations

Earlier this year, we posted a small research on US and Canada immigration patterns. Let's make a simple online presentation from it.

Using slides.com

We will be using slides.com, which is probably the most flexible and powerful online presentation engine these days. We will re-use all charts from our earlier post without modifications - they are already published and ready to be embedded. The presentation is available here:


A few things worth noting.

1.  All charts are interactive - move mouse pointer over the curves and see.

2. All charts are embedded with style="width:100%" attribute, which makes them scalable: try running the presentation in full-screen mode or resize your browser window - you will see charts changing their sizes accordingly.

A screenshot of the slides.com editor with embedded chart:

Other online presentation tools

Are there any other online presentation tools that support HTML embedding from arbitrary sources? Unfortunately, not many. So far I have come up with this list:

  • Emaze - NO
  • Google Slides - NO
  • Haiku Deck - NO
  • Prezi - NO
  • Slides.com- YES
  • Sway - NO
  • Slidebean - NO
  • Visme - YES

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