Thursday, August 23, 2018

Collaboration scenario: sharing and cloning

Recently, feature set got new additions: chart cloning and chart sharing. Cloning is getting an exact copy of a source chart. Sharing is allowing other users to edit your chart.

Consider an example: Bob is working on a chart and wants Alice to help him. Bob opens the chart in the editor, finds "Sharing" panel and clicks "Share with another user" button. He is presented with a popup that displays a URL of the invitation that Bob has to send Alice so she gets access to his chart. Bob presses "Confirm":

Now, "Sharing" panel displays the invitation in the list. If Bob changes his mind, he can cancel this invitation by clicking the "x" button on the right of the invitation:

But we are assuming Bob is determined to share his chart and does not cancel the invitation.  Alice receives invitation URL via email (or some other media) and opens it in her browser. She is presented with a login screen if needed and, eventually, she can see the shared chart in her "Charts -> Shared with me" list, and she can see who shared this chart with her - it was Bob:

Bob, on his side, re-loads the chart and now can see that Alice accepted the invitation. Again, if he changes his mind, he can leave Alice without access to this chart by pressing "x", but let's assume he is happy that Alice got access to it:

Alice opens the chart in the editor by clicking on it in the shared chart list. She can edit it and accomplish her mission of helping Bob. When Bob is happy with the edits, he publishes the chart.

Please note that Bob is the only owner of the chart so he is the only person who can publish it or share it with others. What if Alice wants to publish it, share it with her friends or just save it in her chart repository for future use? Cloning is the answer - Alice can press "Clone" button:

The editor offers Alice to choose a name for the cloned chart, and Alice clicks "Create":

Now, if Alice goes to the "Charts -> My charts" screen, she will see cloned chart:

Alice is the owner of the cloned chart and has full control of it.

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